SumanaBh ERP

SumanaBh ERP - Innovate the Business

“Innovate your business with SumanaBh ERP, it’s easy to customize.”
SumanaBh ERP is specially designed for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME). It is available On-premise and Cloud (SaaS) platform. It is developed on SumanaBh Framework platform that’s why Customizations are easy. All the modules are covered under SumanaBh ERP.

Finance and Accounting

SumanaBh ERP software takes care of all the financial entries and their impact on the whole Balance Sheet, Trial Balance and Profit and Loss Account. Management can see Single Window status of Organizations Financial Health to take important financial decisions. Reports like Sundry Debtors, Creditors Aging Report, Cash flow status and utilization and High end Analytics report with drill down options are available.

Sales and Distribution

SumanaBh ERP enables you to quickly process an order from your customers. Provides facility to integrate multiple Orders into a single Invoice for a particular customer.

Inventory and Procurement

With SumanaBh ERP you can maintain integrity in inventory processes, and increase visibility across your stock business process. The ERP software can ensure improved supply chain visibility and collaboration. Vendor assessment documents are managed.

Product Data and Design

Create and Search Parts, Products and Manage Bill of Material (BOM) with all the details in design module.


SumanaBh ERP provides easy optimization of production process. Automatic order notification to production helps for better Materials Requirement Planning (MRP), confirmation of produced quantities for an order, and delivery of ordered products as final stocks, enabling you to meet delivery deadlines promptly.

Quality Assurance (QA)

SumanaBh ERP provides all types of quality checks which are preferred in the manufacturing processes. It includes the Incoming Material Inspection Report (IDIR), Statistical Inspection (SI), Optical Inspection (Rapid I), Pre Dispatch Inspection Report (PDIR) uses after the Job orders and Dock Audits. Quality control module manages the Calibration of every type of equipments. Quality control module also manages the scrap material and re-workable material.


SumanaBh ERP provides equipment maintenance with predictive as well as preventive maintenance planning. Register the Equipment and defines the tool life, capacity, maintenance frequency in this module and also the calibration details. Here any department can registered the Equipment Break down details.


SumanaBh ERP provides the product or equipment for service and for testing. Here we make the service for AMC type or for the service charges. We also maintain the spare consumption ratio and man hrs and machine hrs used.

Project Management

                                  Project Management covers all the aspects from Project Definition, Tracking, Sourcing and Billing. Project Closing methods are defined here.

Human Capital Management (HCM)

SumanaBh ERP helps redesign and integrate your HR processes which includes Employee Information, Salary generation, Leave Card, TDS Calculation, Bonus generation and Employee Released. It also includes the Employee Loan and Advances.